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Changchun Teaching Jobs- American Studies/ History, Business/Economics, Math, Physics, Chemistry Teacher



We have teaching jobs in Changchun, Jilin China. Available positions for Engineering, EAP, Chemistry, American Studies, History, Physics, Math , Economics teachers.



  • Salary:   14,000-20,000 rmb
  • 20 teaching hours /wk
  •  Location: Changchun, Jilin
  • Start Date:  August/ February
  • School type: Private Education Center
  • Office hours: 20 hours/wk




  • Native English Speaker
  • For Engineering/ Math / Chemistry/ Physics/Economics : Master in  Engineering/ Math/ Chemistry/ Physics/Economics + 2-3 years A level teaching jobs experiences in related subjects
  • For EAP Teacher: BA/MA (TESOL)+ recognised ELT diploma; MA (Applied Linguistics)  + 2 years EAP teaching experience
  • For American Studies Teacher:  Master’s degree, Ph.D., or other advanced degree in field of Humanity related majors, at least five years teaching experience.

Additional Information:

As a leading international education provider in China,  we provide a range of programmes which include NCUK programmes at pre-undergraduate foundation and pre-masters levels. Australian Universities Foundation Program and US Universities Pathway Program are planned for future delivery.

We are now inviting applications various teaching jobs in Changchun center,  physics, mathematics engineering, chemistry, american studies teachers and lecturers for our US-Sino Pathway Programme.  All teachers may be required to contribute to basic internet technology courses and study skills teaching.

Changchun is Jilin’s capital city and known as “Eternal Spring” despite its harsh winter. The city is famed for its car production.  Visit the Puppet Emperor’s Palace, the last residence of the ” Last Emperor,” Pu Yi. It’s a worth visiting for its artifacts relating to the 13 powerless years that Pu Yi spent here.


To Apply:

Submit your resume/ photo /diploma/ passport photopage /certificates  to the form below:

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Start your China teaching career with us!
ESLtiger is a free teacher placement company offering reliable teaching jobs around China. Choose from our latest English/ ESL/ EAP/ TESOL teaching positions ; A level/ Advanced Placement/ IB teaching jobs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Engineering, Economics/Business, History, Accounting) to various cities in China.


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