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Shenzhen Teaching Jobs. up to 15,000 rmb/mo


Shenzhen teaching jobs for adult students available for immediate start. We are hiring for our training centers in Luohu, Nanshan and Futian districts.


  • Salary + housing allowance:   13,000-15,000rmb/mo ;
  • 25 teaching hours/wk ( 60 minutes/ class ); 15 office hrs/wk
  • Job Location:   Shenzhen
  •  Start Date:       ASAP
  • School Type:       Training Center


 Other Benefits:

  • Z Visa
  • Airfare: 6000rmb after contract completion
  • Annual  bonus: 2000rmb
  • Paid holidays




Additional Information:

Our school aims to provide students with a better and more effective way of learning English.  We have become one of the biggest international English training centers in China. We are committed to small class sizes to ensure that all students get the attention they need.

Shenzhen is a modern metropolis and has been growing rapidly in the past years. It is in the South of China and near Hongkong. Aside for being a manufacturing hub in the south, it also offers a lot of interesting recreational places making it a top tourist destination.



To Apply:

Submit your resume/ photo /diploma/ passport photopage /certificates  to the form below:


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Teach in China. Start your teaching career with us!
ESLtiger is a free teacher placement company offering reliable teaching jobs around China. Choose from our latest English/ ESL/ EAP/ TESOL teaching positions ; A level/ Advanced Placement/ IB teaching jobs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Engineering, Economics/Business, History, Accounting) to various cities in China.


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